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Sohel Chowdhury
Aug 03, 2022
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Want to escape? If so, you are not alone. Spring is the time of year when many people start researching and booking their summer travel plans. People are already looking for cheap travel deals, family vacation ideas, flights, hotels, or their favorite theme park or cruise line. And advertisers are ready: And the competition will be stronger than ever this year. The travel and hospitality industry has grown significantly over the past decade (from $500 billion in gross bookings across the cell phone number list United States to $800 billion), and continues to grow. So how do you convince consumers? Travel Research Stats: A 30,000 Foot View According to Google research, 55% of leisure travelers only take one or two trips a year. But they do a lot of research before booking these trips. Understand the travel customer journey Wouldn't it be great if someone searches for a travel keyword, sees your paid search ad, clicks through and converts immediately? Unfortunately, today's customer journey is often much more complex. In fact, as detailed by Think With Google, a person can have hundreds of interactions with brands while researching their trip. In one case, a woman named Amy performed 34 searches, watched five videos, and visited 380 web pages while researching her trip to Disney World. Define your target audience The demographics of the customers you want to reach should be your first consideration. Who are they? For example, we know from the same Bing travel industry study that women conduct 68% of searches [family vacation ideas] and account for 69% of clicks. In fact. Based on this research, if your target market is family travel, we know we want to primarily target women between the ages of 35 and 49. Your demographics will, of course, vary depending on your goals and target audience.
Powerful Tips for Cell Phone Number List Better Travel Marketing This Year content media
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Sohel Chowdhury

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